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Amy Forsyth

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Amy Forsyth is a furniture designer/maker who was trained as an architect at Penn State and Princeton Universities.  She teaches three-dimensional design and furniture design at Lehigh.  She has studied studio furniture with many luminaries in the field.  After graduating from Princeton, she taught architecture at Penn State and the University of North Carolina at Charlotte prior to her arrival at Lehigh.  During this time, she took workshops in furniture design and construction and became involved with The Furniture Society.  She was on the Board of Trustees of The Furniture Society, and edited their newsletter, “Furniture Matters,” for several years. She also was on their editorial advisory board, where she worked on several publications, such as “Furniture Studio: The Heart of the Functional Arts,” and “Tradition in Contemporary Furniture.” In addition to designing and building furniture, she has published numerous articles in “Woodwork Magazine,” “American Craft,” “The Craft Factor,” and other journals. Her work has been exhibited throughout the United States. 

She is also an accomplished musician, and plays the fiddle and sings with various groups throughout the Lehigh Valley.  Recent projects involve investigating the relationship between furniture and music, whether as a series of organizing principles or in the more pragmatic sense of designing and building furniture pieces and other artifacts for music making.