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...the uniqueness of the Lehigh University Department of Art, Architecture, and Design is in the strength of its design foundations which heighten our sensitivity to aesthetics and our awareness of the atmospheres created by our built and unbuilt environments.
Ryan Leichtweisz '10 - Architect, EwingCole

The architecture major is a pre-professional course of study focused on architectural design studios, complemented by art studios, history and theory courses, and introductory materials and building technology courses. The major results in a Bachelor of Arts degree. (That degree should not be confused with the Bachelor of Architecture, a professional five-year degree.) Those students who major in architecture and graduate with the Bachelor of Arts degree and wish to pursue a professional career in architecture will be required to obtain a Master of Architecture from an institution offering a graduate program in architecture.


The architecture major is a comprehensive undergraduate education that is the first step in a series of educational and apprenticeship requirements leading to professional registration. Architecture majors regularly go on to the most respected graduate schools of architecture, with the University of Pennsylvania, University of Virginia, Washington University in St. Louis, and the University of Washington, among scores of institutions, actively seeking Lehigh graduates for their programs.


Alternatively, many architecture majors choose to work in fields allied to the discipline, such as interior design, adaptive reuse building, historic preservation, construction management, real estate development, etc.  Since for such paths professional architectural registration is not required, the Lehigh degree alone is the springboard to various careers that involve the making of the built environment.

The Arts-Engineering program, a five-year, dual-degree course of study, allows students to link complementary disciplines of engineering and architecture. The result is two degrees from two different colleges within Lehigh, one a professional degree in engineering, one the pre-professional degree in architecture.


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