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We situate the making that takes place in studios, within the intellectual and social milieu that is the university – horizontal integration writ large. Art, architecture and design are thus at once skilled crafts and scholarly pursuits. Art history deals specifically with developing an understanding of why and how what is made comes about. It teaches the student how to analyze, interpret and critique the art, architecture and design that shapes any culture.

  • PC Lab offering high-end design software and large format printing.
  • Mac Labs for classes in graphic design, foundations, photography, video and web design.
  • Fusion Design Lab: A student run design agency, projects include 40 years of Women, 100 yeras of CBE, Theater posters, etc.
  • Lehigh University Art Galleries (LUAG)
  • LUAG teaching classroom for direct observation of artworks during class.
  • Woodshop, metal shop, printshop & 3-D printing.
  • Open plan architectural and design studios in the former Bethlehem Steel Research facility on Mountaintop Campus.