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Welcome to the Department of Art, Architecture, and Design

Whether you’re interested in producing a painting, designing a building, or exploring one of the many other branches of the visual arts, join us and begin your creative journey in the Department of Art, Architecture and Design. We offer undergraduate courses and major programs in the following areas of study:




Art History

Our programs and faculty share a common teaching philosophy centered on experiential learning and critical visual thinking. In the classroom, we merge traditional hands-on techniques with digital technologies, complemented by extensive training in art history and the resources of the Lehigh University Art Gallery, our nationally recognized campus museum. All this takes place in the setting of one of the nation’s premier research universities, a short hop away from the museums, internships and professional opportunities of New York City and Philadelphia.

With fifteen faculty teaching over fifty different courses each year, the Department of Art, Architecture and Design offers an extensive curriculum of study, and an exceptional opportunity for you to get a jump start on a future career in the arts. Many of our alumni go on to graduate school, and are pursuing successful careers as artists, architects, designers, museum curators and arts professionals.



The department offers undergraduate Bachelor of Arts degrees in four majors:


Art History



All our majors (BA degree) share a common pedagogical philosophy. The core of each studio discipline is creating: a painting, a building, a poster, a container. To that end, all studios weave together traditional hands-on strategies with digital technologies, preparing students for professional careers through opportunities for personal expression. We situate the making that takes place in studios, within the intellectual and social milieu that is the university. Art, architecture and design are thus highly skilled disciplines and scholarly pursuits. Art history teaches students how to analyze, interpret and critique the art, architecture and design that shape any culture. Museum studies, architectural history and design history along with many topical studios and seminars are offered regularly.



Apparel Design

Architecture Studio Minor

Art Studio Minor

History of Visual Arts (major and non-major)

Museum Studies

History of Architecture (for architecture majors and for non-architecture majors)

Design Minor

Graphic Design

Product Design

Students in the Department are eligible and encouraged to consider the following academic programs of interest:  Arts and Engineering 5-year Arts and Engineering Dual Degree Program

Students can earn a BA in the College of Arts and Sciences and a BS in Engineering.


IDEAS (Integrated Degree in Engineering, Arts and Sciences)

Students in high academic standing may petition to join this 4-year honors degree program.


AAD Majors in strong academic standing have the opportunity to pursue an independent Senior Thesis project with a Faculty sponsor in the Department.