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The art history major introduces students to the study of works of art as they relate to the historical and cultural contexts in which they are produced. Students will be exposed to a broad range of artistic production, from antiquity through the present, and to the varied intellectual concerns and methodological approaches that characterize the discipline. Because the discipline of art history approaches the study of works of art from diverse concerns and interests, students will also learn to use evidence from the study of history, religion, economics, politics, literature, and gender studies. The art history major trains students in critical thinking and analytical skills that provide an excellent foundation for careers or further study in the field of art history, as well as for a wide range of other professional and educational options. Many students of art history at Lehigh have gone on to jobs in art galleries, museums, and other cultural institutions, or to graduate study in art history. Others have gone on to successful careers in such fields of law, business, and medicine.

Art history majors have a wealth of resources at Lehigh University. Majors are encouraged to make use of the original works of art in the collection of the Lehigh University Art Gallery, and the Special Collections of the Lehigh's library.  Students are also able to study abroad through programs such as the Lehigh in Rome and Florence program and Lehigh in Paris program, as well as a number of semester abroad programs available to Lehigh students. Proximity to major art museums in New York and Philadelphia provide superb opportunities for studying first-rate, original works of art. Field trips to these cities are organized regularly through the Department of Art and Architecture.


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