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Camila Drozd '09

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Being part of the AAD program at Lehigh was something very special. It gave me the freedom to experiment and experience many facets of art and design.

From photography to painting, sculpture to web design, the flexibility and breadth of the program made for a uniquely enriching experience. Each member of the faculty was so passionate and deeply engaged in their field, and each and every one of them taught me a new way of seeing the world. All together their insight and encouragement helped to expand my way of thinking and opened my mind to endless creative opportunities.

The balance between creative freedom and real-world application in the program was also incredibly important and something that is not always easy to come by. In my graphic design concentration, I was urged to work with real clients on real projects outside of class. I was lucky enough to be part of the inception of Fusion Studio, which played a big part in preparing me for life after school. Equally as important was the focus on portfolio creation and self-promotion. My graphic design professor, Marilyn Jones, stressed the importance of making yourself stand out amongst the crowd. This insight helped me to land a great job at a distinguished NYC design firm just a few days after sending out a handful of hand-made self-promotional mailers. I continue to be very proud of my education and apply the invaluable knowledge gained on a daily basis in my freelance career.



Eight years after starting her career in New York, working for some of the biggest global brands, Camila co-founded Riser - specializing in brand and packaging design for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and do-good-businesses.

With features in many notable publications and blogs, Camila has been known for her skillful custom lettering and unique approach. Her typography and packaging design can be seen across the aisles of every major supermarket, in the U.S. and beyond.

Through her work with Riser, Camila strives to create meaningful design for the most deserving brands.