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Víctor M. Martínez

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Víctor Martínez is an art historian and archaeologist who serves as associate director of the Palatine East Pottery Project (PEPP), a long-term research program that studies the ancient Roman pottery recovered at the Palatine East Excavations in Rome, Italy. PEPP’s findings will be published as part of RES ROMANAE, the online portal for the University of California Berkeley’s Roman Material Culture Laboratory. He has also published on the terracotta sculpture of the Palatine East Excavations in Rome.

Prof. Martínez is also codirector of the Northern Valleys Research Project, which examines the cultural and urban transformations of Spain’s Upper Ebro Valley from the Roman era to the Middle Ages. The project’s research will produce an architectural history and digital, 3D model of medieval Nájera, an important regional capital along the Camino de Santiago in Spain; and, in a second, edited volume, Building Memory: Materializing Cultural Identities at San Vicente del Valle from the Roman Imperium to the Kingdom of Castile, examine the Roman and medieval repurposed building stone and sculpture used in the construction of the church.

In the spring of 2022, Prof. Martínez will be a visiting scholar at the American Academy in Rome.