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Spring 2024 AAD Registration

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What are the registration dates and times for Spring 2024 enrollment?

For the latest information on registration dates and times, please visit the Registration and Academic Services website. 

What AAD classes are being offered in Spring 2024?

Click here to view the Class Schedule for Spring 2024.  In dropdown, please choose 2024 Spring, hit continue and then follow prompts to search for ART, ARCH, or DES courses.

What new classes, or classes not in the catalog, are being offered in Fall 2023?

For new classes and classes not in the catalog, please follow this link.

What are lab fees for next year for studio courses?

Lab fees for next academic year for studio courses have gone up to $150 per course.

How do I request to take department permission courses?

Students who wish to take department permission courses must fill out the College of Arts and Sciences CAS Pre-Registration Enrollment Request Form. The form will begin accepting responses on Friday, Nov 3, 9:00 am. The form will close on Thursday, Nov 9, 9:00 am to begin filtering through student information, after which point the form will reopen. Forms submitted after Nov. 9 from students requesting department permission are not guaranteed to secure seats in courses.

Who receives department permission and in what order?

Please note, at no time are spots held for AAD majors and minors. All students who wish to take AAD courses that require department permission, including declared majors and minors, must first request department permission via the CAS Pre-Registration Enrollment Request Form. Permissions are determined by the department at the close of this form and throughout the registration period. Please be advised that there is no guarantee that space will be available in the course you are interested in. 

Department permission is given in the following priority order:

1. Declared AAD majors and minors, including IDEAS students with a concentration in the department

2. Freshmen taking 00-level courses
3. Non-major and non-minor students, and undeclared students above the freshman level

More information about declaring majors and minors can be found here. Contact Pam Mongi if you have further questions about declaring.

How does department permission work?

Requesting department permission does not register you for a class. If and when you receive department permission, you will be alerted via email. Please at that time register for the class according to the official university registration dates and times for your class year.

Department permission expirations:

Department permissions expire at 12:00 p.m. two days after your official registration date. If for example your registration date is Nov 17, then your permission expires Nov 19 at 12:00 p.m. After the first week of registration, department permissions expire two days after receiving the email stating your status.

I’m not a major or minor in the department, but want to take a department permission course. How do I go about doing this?

Non-major and non-minor students are welcome to apply for department permission for courses they are interested in, and will be considered for permission according to the priority order above. 

I did not apply for department permission, and want to take a department permission course, but it is full now. How do I get on the waitlist?

Please contact Christine Kreschollek ctk213@lehigh.edu for information about how to get on the waitlist for departmental permission ART and DES courses.  For ARCH courses please contact Pam Mongi pgm0@lehigh.edu.  

Waitlists for non-department permission courses are managed by the Registrar.  Please follow this link to learn more about how you can get on the Registrar’s Office waitlist.  

What happens if I do not attend the first day of class?

The first day of class is mandatory for all students. Rostered as well as waitlisted students are required to attend the first day of class. During the first class session, the professor will review waitlisted students to determine if a student can be added to the class. If you do not attend the first day of class, the professor will replace your space with another student and you will be required to drop the class.    

How do I declare a major or minor with AAD?

To learn more about the declaration process and the forms you will need to fill out, including the university's major declaration form, please follow this link and search for MAJOR DECLARATION FORM.

Please contact Department Coordinator, Pam Mongi (pgm0@lehigh.edu) if you have any questions.

How do I know what courses I will need to take for my major or minor?

If you are already a declared major or minor, please consult with your advisor on what courses to take, and in what suggested sequence. If you are undeclared and do not yet have an advisor in the department, please refer to the course catalog, which lists what courses are required for majors.  Please follow this link to learn more about our minors.