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Dear Students,  

We hope that you are well, and write with updates about what you can expect this fall semester in your courses in the Department of Art, Architecture and Design (AAD).

These past several months have been difficult ones.  Around the world we have seen a public health crisis of vast proportions unfold, made worse in places by failures of leadership and structural inequities that have long placed some communities in situations of great precarity.  Here in this country, the human toll of this inequality is becoming ever clearer: in targeted violence against Black individuals and communities of color by law enforcement, and new federal policies that discriminate against undocumented and immigrant workers, families, and students. We are seeing a new clampdown against civil liberties and public dissent across the globe, and tens of millions of people are without work.  Many basic aspects of life, including education, have changed in leaps and bounds.

You, our students, have felt this first-hand.  If you are an incoming or transfer student to Lehigh, you have had to entirely rethink what your experience here at the university will look like.  For continuing students, Lehigh’s shift to remote education this past March required you to quickly adjust to a new online learning environment and life on an increasingly digital campus.  Since then, you have found new ways of working and creating.  You've made inventive use of the space and resources you have at hand to bring your ideas to life, to work through new design challenges, and to continue in your pursuit of creative thinking and making.

When classes begin on Monday, August 24 you will be taking another leap.  Our faculty and staff have been hard at work all summer to make your adjustment this fall easier than it was in spring, and to provide you with resources that will ensure that your courses this semester are robust and engaging, whether you are studying in-person or remotely.  Our department home in Building C on Mountaintop Campus will remain open for student use this fall, although with access restrictions and limitations as detailed below.

As you already know, this fall semester will be very different.  This has been outlined in emails you have received from the university in recent weeks.  On official matters of policy, and health and safety regulations, university guidelines prevail and are in effect across all departments and facilities.  Below you will find more information about how these policies affect students taking courses in our department this semester, and our major and minor students.

These are departmental guidelines, and as we update them in the weeks to come we will share any changes with you in emails like this one.  You can also keep track of them on a new section of the department website https://aad.lehigh.edu/covid-19 or by following the department on Instagram or Twitter @Lehigh_AAD and Facebook @luartarchdesign.

By now you have also started to hear from your instructors and major advisors, who are sharing more specific details with you about individual courses and curriculum.  We are here to help, and all of us are looking forward to supporting you in this next big step forward. 

Thank you as always, and welcome back!

With warm wishes,

Nicholas Sawicki
Associate Professor of Art History and Chair



The department this semester is offering two types of courses, Hybrid and Remote.  Hybrid courses will be taught in-person in Building C during specified class times, but will also have fully accessible online content for students who are studying remotely.  They do not require you to take part in their in-person component.  Remote courses will be conducted fully online.

All students currently enrolled in departmental Hybrid and Remote courses, who have completed their daily health self-assessment on HawkWatch and received a QR code granting them permission to be on campus, will have physical access to Building C.  This does not apply to students who have elected the university’s all-remote tuition discount, who are not permitted to have access to campus facilities. If you are an all-remote student this semester you will not have access to Building C.

For students who meet the above eligibility criteria for campus access, entrance to the building will be controlled by your university ID. To enter the building, you will need to swipe your ID at either the front building entrance on the first floor or the second floor entrance at the crescent, facing Iacocca Hall. 

Building C will be open to students Monday to Friday, 7:00 am10:00 pm, the hours when department Hybrid classes are meeting this semester.


As of this date, the university’s Transportation Office has indicated that the Campus Connector bus will be running service to Mountaintop Campus and Building C on a schedule of Monday to Friday, 6:30 am8:00 pm, with no service on nights or weekends.

We have no communication from Parking Services about undergraduate parking.  There continues to be metered parking near the front entrance to the Building C and by Iacocca Hall, which is still available for student use.

For additional information on parking and bus access, please check in for further updates with university Parking Services and the Transportation Office:



While in the building you are required at all times to wear a face covering and to maintain six-foot social distancing.  You are also required to keep your ID visible whenever you are in campus buildings, and you may be asked by faculty and staff to show your card if it is not openly displayed on your person.  You may not bring visitors with you to the building.

All classroom and lab spaces have hand sanitizer stations and dispensers for sanitizing wipes. Please use hand sanitizer upon entering and leaving a space.  Wipe down all work surfaces before and after use when you are working at a desk or table.


Hybrid classes will meet this semester in the C1 and C2 High Bays (Rooms A010 and B010).  These spaces are reserved for the use of students enrolled in Hybrid courses.  The classrooms in the C3 High Bay are closed to all students this semester.  It is under construction for a new Robotics Lab for the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, and for the reconfiguration of an enhanced new layout for our architecture, product design, and furniture studios.

Hybrid and Remote course students who meet eligibility criteria for campus access will have access to three lab facilities in Building C: the Mac Lab (C1, Room A008), PC Lab (C2, Room B005), and Sculpture Wet Shop (C3, C004).  They will also have access to the sinks in the Painting Studio (Solvent Lab) (C1, A005A) and Sink/Spray Room (C1 A005B).  Access to these lab spaces is during regular building hours only, during which time the door to each lab will be open.  Each lab has a maximum occupancy of 4 persons at one time, except the Sink/Spray Room, which has a maximum occupancy of 1 person.

Students will also have limited access to the Wood and Metal Shops (C3), which are managed and operated by the staff of Lehigh’s Design Labs.  These will be available to you for use on class projects only, as directed by your instructor.  The Wood and Metal Shops will each have a maximum occupancy of 2 users at one time, in addition to 2 staff or shop monitors from the Design Labs. 

You also have access to public hallways and restrooms in the building. All other labs, shops, and studios in Building C are closed to students.  


Hybrid and Remote course students who meet eligibility criteria for campus access will be able to use the laser cutter in C3.  If you are working on a class project and require laser cutter output but are not taking your class in-person, you will be able to arrange with your instructor to electronically send files for output on the laser cutter, and the output will then be mailed to you at your home or campus address.

The Print Lab next to the Mac Lab in C1 is closed this semester.  If you are working on a class project and require printer output, you will be able to arrange with your instructor to electronically send files for printing, and the output will then be mailed to you at your home or campus address.

This semester the cost of output and mailing is included as part of lab fees for courses that require output.


Your instructor should already have already been in touch with you to let you know what materials and supplies you are required to have for your class.  Many of these items have already been preordered for you by the instructor.  They will be shipped directly to your home if you are studying remotely; given to you in person during class time if you are an in-person student in a Hybrid course; or will be available for pickup at the Campus Mail Center at Farrington Square.

In most cases the cost of materials and supplies is included as part of the lab fee for your course.


Your instructor should also have let you know what software and textbooks you are required to have for your class.

If you already have the required software on your personal computer, you can continue to use it.  If you do not have the software already licensed, it will in most cases be provided to you free of charge through Lehigh’s Library and Technology Services (LTS).  Your instructor will give you information about how to download it.


Our department coordinators Pam Mongi and Christine Kreschollek are working mostly remotely this fall, but will continue to be available to assist you with the normal range of administrative and registration support they have provided in the past.  They can best be reached Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm by email through telephone call back as detailed below.  

Pamela Mongi
Department Academic Coordinator

Contact for questions regarding major and minor declarations, transfer credits, degree program forms, department permissions, course registration, building access and all other general departmental questions.

Email: pgm0@lehigh.edu
Or by phone: 610-758-3610, and leave a voicemail with your contact information for a return phone call.

Christine Kreschollek
Technology and Communications Coordinator

Contact for questions regarding, labs, shops, computers, software, printer output, equipment rentals, social media, and work study. Department permissions and course registration.

Email: ctk213@lehigh.edu
Or by phone: 610-758-3570, and leave a voicemail with your contact information for a return phone call.

Faculty and major advisors are making a range of online office hours available to you, which you will be hearing about from them directly.  Beyond already scheduled class meeting times, all meetings with faculty and staff this semester will be conducted by Zoom or telephone, not in person.

If Pam, Christine, or your instructor are unable to provide you with the information you need, they will put you in touch with the faculty member or administrator best positioned to help.  In some cases that will be myself (nis408@lehigh.edu) or Wes Heiss (weh206@lehigh.edu), who is Associate Chair for the department this year.