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Department News and Updates   

October 23, 2020

Dear Students,  

Yesterday the university notified students, staff, and faculty that starting this Monday, October 26, there will be a selective resumption of on-campus activities.  This lifts many of the restrictions of these past three weeks of campus lockdown. 

In the below, we outline what this latest announcement means for your physical access to campus and Building C, and for in-person instruction in Hybrid courses in the Department of Art, Architecture and Design.

Looking further ahead to spring semester, I'm pleased to share that we have an exciting roster of classes prepared.  One third of our spring courses will be taught in Hybrid mode (the university has renamed these courses "Flex"), and Flex students will have the same choice that Hybrid students had this fall: to take their class either in-person or remotely.  The remainder of the department's courses will be Remote Synchronous and conducted fully online.

Please look for an announcement about the spring course roster the week of November 2.  It will include a listing of all available courses and will explain procedures for departmental permission and pre-registration.  The official registration period for spring courses begins Monday, November 16.

Our semester is nearing its final stretch.  We are now also a week and a half away from a historic election.  Some of you have already sent in your ballots by mail, and others will be going to the polls in person November 3.  It is an understatement to say that there is no more critical election than this one, and for many of you this is your first time voting.  Vote your heart and conscience, and make your voice heard. 

Whatever the outcome, if we are to live in a just, equitable society, we will have to roll up our sleeves and get to work making change in the months and years ahead.

Warmest wishes,

Nicholas Sawicki
Associate Professor of Art History and Chair



Beginning Monday, October 26, students who previously had access to campus buildings will have their access restored to Building C.  It will be open during  regular campus building hours: Monday to Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Please note that access to the building continues to depend on all the previous rules that were in place earlier in the semester, including daily self-assessment on Hawk Watch.  In addition, if you returned home during lockdown or traveled out of state, you may be subject to additional restrictions before you are allowed access to campus.  You may be required to quarantine or to take a Covid-19 test, and this re-entry protocol may take as long as 14 days.  Please see the official university policy statement that was sent to students about this on October 19:


The university has not yet made clear exactly when campus access will terminate at the end of the semester, and we will keep you posted about this as soon as we hear any news.  Although the official last day of classes is December 4, the final day for in-person instruction this semester is Friday, November 20.  After that date, freshmen are required to move out of campus housing, and students in off-campus housing are urged by the university to return to their homes.


If you are currently enrolled in a Hybrid course and were attending class in-person before lockdown, you will receive an email from your instructor this weekend informing you of whether or not in-person instruction for the course will resume, and on what date.   Some of our Hybrid courses will finish out the remainder of this semester entirely online, some will resume in-person teaching, and others will resume in-person teaching only on select dates.  These details will be shared by your instructor.

If you returned home during lockdown or traveled out of state, you will be subject to the same policies and restrictions outlined in the October 19 link above.  Hybrid students who choose not to return to campus, or are unable to do so because of the above restrictions, should inform their instructors. They will be accommodated with remote and online instruction, like other remote students in Hybrid courses.

If you are currently enrolled in a Remote course, or are a Hybrid student already taking your course remotely, there will be no change to your mode of instruction, and you will continue to receive your instruction online.