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Anthony Viscardi

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Professor Viscardi began work at Lehigh University’s College of Arts and Sciences Department of Art and Architecture in 1992 and was awarded Full Professor in 2007. Under his tenure as Chair, 2002-2010, the Department of Art and Architecture was expanded to include the Design Arts program. Viscardi earned his Bachelor of Architecture from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and a Masters of Architecture from Georgia Institute of Technology. He co-founded Hoss/Viscardi & Co. Architectural Design Firm in Atlanta, where he served as Partner and Principal Designer from 1979 until 1992.

Professor Viscardi is a nationally and internationally known scholar-teacher in the design and art of architecture. He has a special interest in study abroad and established the Lehigh in Italy Summer Program in Vicenza in 1995 and serves as its director. There he teaches his students about Italian public places through sketching as well as, studies the work of the Italian architect, Carlo Scarpa, which has been a topic of Viscardi’s research for over 20 years.  He has conducted design workshops and presentations at institutions of higher learning in Canada, Malaysia, Europe, Brazil, and Puerto Rico and most recently was invited to teach a month-long creative design workshop for forty professional architects at the Beijing Victory Star firm. Viscardi also served as Co-Principal Investigator during the first two years of the Henry Luce Foundation funded Chinese Bridge Project (2009-2011) that took Lehigh students on two summer study tours in China and led to the construction of a 12th century style Chinese bridge on campus.

Throughout his career in architectural practice and as a professor of architecture, Viscardi has continued to work as an artist. He has had solo exhibitions at the Atlanta College of Art, Lehigh University Wilson Gallery, and Gallery 164 in Buffalo, NY, and has exhibited at Nexus Contemporary Art in Atlanta, Philadelphia University of the Arts, Philadelphia Third Street Art Gallery, Auburn University Frank Seltzer Gallery, Allentown Art Museum, and Banana Factory Center for the Arts in Bethlehem, PA. Viscardi’s work has been exhibited widely at national and international academic conferences. He developed a particular interest in creative collaboration while working with Italian artist Michelangelo Pistoletto during his three-month residency in Atlanta. He has since engaged in a number of collaborative design-build projects with artists, architects, students, and community members. Viscardi is represented in the NYC Drawing Center curated Artist Registry.

The work of his most recent exhibition at LUAG (Lehigh University Art Gallery) Fall of 2013 was begun during Anthony Viscardi’s 2011-2012 sabbatical when he was awarded a MacDowell Colony Fellowship to continue his theoretical drawing/visual investigations on “shadow mapping.” He has since received the 2013 Faculty Fellowship award from Study Abroad Italy (SAI) in Florence to begin work on a manuscript that documents a drawing method he developed for teaching students to more closely observe the architecture and culture of Italy. Viscardi was the Artist in Residence for The Experimental Printmaking Institute at Lafayette College in Easton, PA for the 2013-2014 academic year.  In spring of 2014 he will be having a solo exhibition called “Prints of Darkness…shadow cast impressions” at Lafayette’s Williams Art Center.  The work will be a product of his shadow casts impressions viewed through the portal of printmaking.

Professor Viscardi received Full Professorship in 2007 and was the Chair of The Department of Art, Architecture, and Design at Lehigh University, from 2003 – 2010.  He resides in Bethlehem, PA, where he lives with his wife Cheryl Dougan and son Renzo.